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Trading Consultant


I grew up in a very international family from the time I was a child. My mother is Japanese, my father is Italian and I was borned and raised in Brazil. So I can speak several languages. Everyone is astonished when I tell them about my family background. In fact, there are many similar people since Brazil is one of the biggest communities of immigrants.


I am a trading consultant and freelancer. Mainly my job is helping clients to make easy import/export transactions between countries. My clients work in different places, I travel around the world. I have been in Japan for four months, and I’m going to Singapore next.


There was a time when I couldn’t manage my schedule because of hard work. One of my friends recommended that I visit India and take a lessons on Yoga and Meditation. I stayed there for five weeks altogether. I woke up at 4am every morning and practiced meditation. I had no feeling for meditation, but I suddenly I got a flash of enlightenment. Since then I have some room in my brain and am relaxed all the time. My values changed 180°. It seems like a spiritual thing, but it’s a simple fact. I suggest taking lessons for those people who are extremely busy. You’ll see what I am talking about.